Parking...made easy.

ParkSmarter™ makes it so you no longer need to carry coins for the meter, or return to your car to add time.

iOS Android

Add time to your meter…without having to leave lunch

With the ParkSmarter app, your credit card is linked to your account. So when time is running low on your meter, just open the app and extend your time, without having to leave the table.

Expiration notifications…so you don’t overstay your welcome

With ParkSmarter notifications, you are alerted when your meter is about to expire, keeping you free from parking tickets and only paying for the parking you need.

Add multiple vehicles and cards…for work and play

You can add multiple vehicles and credit cards to one account, so if you’re taking the weekend car out for a spin, or taking a customer to lunch, you have the flexibility to expense with ease.

Get special discounts and promotions … just for parking

You’re already doing it, so why not get rewarded for it? With local and national partnerships, you get discounts and promotional offers for what you’re already doing, parking.


Available now for iOS and Android